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AuSable Fur Spirit Animal Totem Necklace Collection

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AuSable Fur Spirit Animal Totem Necklace
AuSable Fur Spirit Animal Totem Necklace
Price: $15.00
Manufacturer: AuSable Fur Products
Manufacturer Part No: totem

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The AuSable Fur Spirit Animal Totem Necklace Collection is an excellent way to get close to your spirit animal.  Our necklaces are approximately 20” of nylon cord with an adjustable lobster clasp.  Dangling delicately from the necklace cord is a tiny, sealed bottle of authentic, real fur from your spirit animal with a paw print charm hanging from the bottle.  Each necklace comes with a label highlighting some of the characteristics the animal is known for and a phrase describing one of its strengths.

A totem is the spirit animal (guide) that a person is drawn to. Often people are attracted to animals like themselves or the “self” they desire to become.  By getting to know your animal totem, you can gain insight and understanding of your own life circumstances more clearly. Animal totems manifest a specific kind of energy that will align to forces of the spiritual realm that are influencing your life.  Use them to find strength and independent thinking, while balancing your thoughts, emotions and energies.


This nature inspired pendant necklace is the perfect accessory for the outdoor enthusiast or the animal lover. 

Animals and Characteristics:

Beaver - Eager and Ambitious -- Works well in groups
Coyote - Clever and Cautious -- Very adaptive to new situations
Fox - Sly and Smart -- Great at sovling problems
Badger - Self-reliant and Confident -- Well grounded in all situations
Bobcat - Patient and Aware -- People trust you with their secrets
Raccoon - Fearless and Cunning -- Calm and serene under pressure
Mink - Playful and Lucky -- Attention to intuition and timing
Skunk - Calm and Humble -- Ultimate pacifist and charismatic