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Custom Made Fur Products

Custom Fur Products
Need a special gift for that important person in your life? Have a custom fur product made from the furs that you personally harvested. We can craft your professionally tanned fur into handmade treasures that will last for years. Choose from our many styles of hats, earmuffs, headbands, mittens, teddy bears, and slap bracelets, or try a fur lined pillow or blanket, a hand muff, or add fur accents to one of our backpacks. Furthermore, we can provide modernization to that antique fur coat you inherited from a loved one. Grandma’s old fur coat could be turned into a keepsake for the grandchildren to cherish. We will carefully and delicately inspect the coat and determine if we can take it apart and use the fur to make something new. 

Rest assured that when you ship us your furs, we take great care to make sure that your items stay separate from anything else and we will ship you back anything we did not use.  We will also call and let you know if there is a lot left over and what your options would be for us to make something else for you.

Custom Fur
NOTE: Furs must be professionally tanned. As of right now, we do not offer this service.
Once we receive your fur, we will carefully inspect the fur and contact you to discuss our findings prior to any alterations.

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